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I love my Pressure Cooker!

It seems to me that American's don't really embrace Pressure Cookers. In Europe you can find them everywhere. I have to admit I was a little afraid of them.  With all the spitting, hissing and weird noises.
It sounds like it is going to explode or blast off like a rocket ship.  
Let me assure you, Pressure cooking is safe!

My sister in law reintroduced me to the Pressure cooker.  
I love to make soup.  My minestrone soup is so yummy, but it take 3 1/2 hours to make.. 
In the Pressure Cooker I can make it in 45 minutes! 
I cook Mashed Potatoes in 17 minutes. 

The benefits to this method of cooking are
  • Locks in flavor and nutrients
Traditional stove top cooking allows flavor and nutrients to escape thru steam and boiling.  In the pressure cooker, the pressure and intense high heat from the build up pressure traps steam to cook food hotter then the stove top.  
The result is quicker cooking time!
  • Saves money and time
 Cooks up to 70 percent faster and can be used on gas or electric stove top

Foods stay moist and flavorful.
Pretty much anything you cook on the stove top, can be converted to cook in the pressure cooker.

Have I convinced you yet?

I have 3 Pressure Cookers.  One Large, Small stove top and I just got an Electric Pressure Cooker. 
The size you will want, depends on the amount of food you are cooking.  This is due to the fact that Pressure cookers can only be filled 2/3 full. 
This is to allow room for PRESSURE....

There are several types of pressure cookers.   
Spring Valve, Rockers (Jiggler Valve) and the Newer Electric (Spring Valve)
Rockers are the cheaper of the Pressure cookers.  There is a weight that sits on the top of the pressure release valve and is Rocks and dances around hissing and spitting. 

This type of pressure cooker will run around $25  
There are the newer Electric Pressure cookers. 
They run around $95
Now the Rolls Royce of Pressure Cookers ~ 
The Kuhn Rikon.
This will cost you around $220 to $400 Depending on the size.  
Can I just say, this is not the one I have.

Here are a few sites to check out if you would like more information!

My favorite site is Miss Vickie's She have everything you would ever want to know about Pressure Cooking. She has conversion charts for converting cooking times. 
Think of it as Pressure cooking 101.

Good Luck and I hope you will enjoy 
Pressure Cooking!  
Be Daring, try something new.