Friday, December 16, 2011

Flower Bows

Finally! we have something for our Crafty Things page. OK I saw some gorgeous bows while we were in Utah for thanksgiving and I was inspired. They are super easy to make and an awesome craft!

This is kind of the starting flower and you can add other flowers on to it

Here's What you need!
-Fabric for each flower. I used cotton for the rosette and the kind of more rounded flower, its on the backside of the clip i have a pic of above... don't know really what to call each of them. And for my favorite flower ( the flower by itself at the top of the page) I layered lace over silk.
-Fabric Tack
- A piece of felt
-Feathers (optional, but i think it adds a little extra pazazz to it)
-Hair clip, band or whatever you are putting the flowers on
-Ribbon to line the clip with
-Center thing for the middle of my favorite flower and anything extra you want to TWIST it with
Ok lets get started! We will start with my fav flower
 First, cut 2 in x 2 pieces of fabric. You will need 6-8 of each fabric for a flower.
  First, fold in half to make a rectangle the fold again to make a square. Then fold corner to corner diagonally. With each fold use a little fabric tack so it keeps shape.
 Cut a small circle of felt to hot glue each petal onto. If you are doing this flower alone, I suggest doing 8 petals and layer 4 on the bottom and four on the top, but if you are adding more, i would only use 6 petals.
When you finish adding the petals you will need to add some bling to the center to cover the petals coming together. For this one I actually used a necklace clasp and just took off the extra junk, but you can use buttons or beads or whatever your heart desires. Then add it to a headband with hot glue. So the hot glue wont go through the headband I put a small piece of felt on the other side.  Then BAM! You have made an absolutely fabulous bow!

 Now if you are one of the brave few who are still reading, You are awesome! To add on, I'll show you the rosette next!
Start by cutting a one inch thick piece of cotton about 45 inches long
Sorry you can't see the picture very well, but first you fold the fabric in half and roll the center for the rose bud.

When your center is to your liking, twist the fabric then and rap it around the center and use the fabric tack about every quarter of the rose

When your rosette is size you want glue the end to the bottom and cut of all the extra fabric

SO for the next flower, I forgot to take pictures, sorry but don't freak out its really easy! Cut 2x2 pieces or smaller of the cotton fabric, 10-15 depending on how full you want it to look. Then, cut them all into heart shapes, fold them in half, and hold all the ends together. To make it more like a flower, twist the end then glue it together

Then, lay out all the flowers together on a larger piece of felt. I added feathers behind the flowers too.

Keep going! We are almost done. Next we need to make the clip. Take a piece of ribbon will be able to cover the back of the top of the clip, the top and center of the top. Use hot glue to glue the ribbon along the clip.
Finally, Hot glue the flowers to the clip and you have one fantastic bow! Of course you always put this on a headband or any of these flowers by themselves! Have an excellent time making these and i hope i was good enough at explaining all the steps for you!