Saturday, January 7, 2012

Super Easy Hair Bows

So today I was really sad because the store that I needed to be open to get plexiglass for some AMAZING picture frames  I've been working on was closed and I had no other project planned.(And they will be on the blog if that stupid store ever opens!) After stewing in self pity in my room, I started to think about the awesome outfit that I am gonna wear to church tomorrow. It obviously needed an accessory to finish it. 
*After I made it, the sewing guru (my mother) informed me that this is not the proper way to sew a bow, but who cares if it looks good and is fast and easy to make. 
Here's what you need:
Fabric: for the bow,  you need 2 pieces, I cut mine 6in x 4in.(but you can change that on how big you want your bow, mine is pretty big) then for the middle tie you need another 2 pieces I cut mine 3in x 1.5in
Sewing machine
and a hair clip

So, first we pin our fabric. You are going to do the same thing to both the small and the large rectangles, so I'm only showing it once.
Pin the shiny sides together because you will turn it inside out after you sew it. Then you sew it  and I used a 5/8 seam allowance.

Sorry I couldn't take a picture of my self sewing but, on one of the longer sides, leave a gap about 2 inches. You are going to pull it inside out from that gap, so your fingers should fit in it. And don't forget to back stitch on each side of the gap because it's a pain if you don't.

After you sew it, cut the corners so they aren't bulging on the inside.

 Turn the fabric inside out.

 From the gap that you made use scissors to define the corners, but be careful not to poke a hole in the fabric. Then press the seams to look really nice.

Then hand sew the rectangle closed. 

Once you have both the rectangles sewn, bunch the large one in the middle to your liking and rap the smaller rectangle around it for the tie. Hand sew it shut and YOUR BOW IS DONE.

Then just add your clip to the back of your bow and stick that beautiful thing in your hair

Love, Taylor